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Business Consultancy :
Business valuation:
Whether you are buying or selling a business it is always a problem to obtain realistic and fair valuation on which to base negotiation. Many different methods exist for valuing business and our experience in this area will enable you to consider possible valuation and arrive at the most appropriate.
Budget Forecast :
We can prepare on your behalf a full range of budget and forecast for any business department, division or need.
Share Transactions:
From the preparation of stock transfer forms to providing advice on complex share transactions, we are able to offer comprehensive support.
Computer Advise :
We can provide invaluable advice in the vital area of selecting the correct computer application for your business.
Company Formation :
Forming a company can be a maze of incomprehensible regulations. Our experience in this area, however, make it simplicity itself, as, through our company agents we can quickly and easily either obtain an off-the-shelf company or have one formed for you.