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Accountancy / Audit:
Registered auditors recent years have seen a huge increase in the complexity of company audits and reporting requirements for a limited company, not only are limited company accounts governed by the companies act, but also by financial reporting standards, and numerous other professional standards, all aiming to provide the highest quality accounts both to the business man and the public users. Ahmed Sultan & Co. is committed to high quality, cost effective audit of the company’s account and to this end has established our own audit department to oversee work undertaken.
Financial Control :
We have extensive knowledge of all of financial decisions and can apply this knowledge to your benefit. Work we can undertake includes preparation of forecast and recommendations on bookkeeping systems and computer programs, assistance with recruitment in selecting the right staff for your business, project evaluation or indeed any complex financial problem that presents itself.
Accounts preparation :
Whatever the size of your business, we have staff experienced in preparing accurate and cost effective accounts, both for you and your company to judge the performance of your business and obviously also to ensure that you pay no more of the right amount.
Bookkeeping :
We offer wide range of bookkeeping services using many efficient manual and computer methods tailored to suit your needs. We can operate your computer bookkeeping package for you, or we can provide you with one of our own packages to undertake your bookkeeping work.
Monthly Account :
Allied to our bookkeeping services, or separately from them, we can prepare for you accurate monthly accounts.
Interim Accounts :
If you do not consider that it is necessary for monthly accounts, we would still be happy at any time during our financial year to send our staff in to produce interim financials.